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The Avant Gardener

The Avant Gardener News Letter
November ~ December 2000
Garden/Lifestyle Trends

As promised, in this newsletter I would like to talk about trends in the world of Garden/Home decor, gleaned from my travels to Europe, and to the gift shows in Toronto and New York.

THE GARDEN continues to be a key theme. Whether it is using garden furnishings in the home such as a gazing ball on a vase, or a cedar bench in the foyer, or incorporating decorative pieces with nature motifs such as dragonflies, butterflies, bugs and leaves, the trend is to bring the outdoors in. We love to feel the essence of the garden in our living space.




The popularity of grasses is indicative of a major trend toward Simplicity. We are paring down to simplify our lives and to give us a sense of calm in an increasingly complex world. Keywords are relaxed, casual and comfortable. From the Arts and Crafts movement we are inspired by simplicity of design and clean lines. Even in stationery, designs are more simple and elegant.

At the same time we are seeing an upscaling of product. We distinguish ourselves with quality goods that create an air of elegance. Artist-driven products of glass, iron and textiles give us the satisfaction of using a thing of beauty. Also a trend, but in contrast to Simplicity, ornate Italian is important as an accent.

The Asian influence brings us the Serenity theme, with the tranquility of water and the spirituality of Zen having a major influence. A water garden in or out can create such a sense of peacefulness. We are seeing this as a huge trend. Related to this theme is an increased interest in stones. Now available are small packages of shiny stones in earthy colors, used to fill the bowl of a birdbath or to decorate a table top fountain. Products to dress up ponds, such as brass cranes or glass pond balls are increasingly available.

The simple beauty of a lit candle has created an enormous industry. Candles and lanterns provide inexpensive simple pleasures.

As a nod to 'Egonomics' customization will play a major role in the future. The Avant Gardener will custom order for you an English Country style address sign in cast aluminum, or a stone with your choice of words engraved on it to mark a special event.

In many areas The Avant Gardener has always promoted what we are now seeing as trends. For us, choosing products for the stores has always been a matter of beauty, uniqueness, functionality, appeal to the senses and quality.

An important reminder: The Avant Gardener is once again an official outlet for advance-price tickets to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle February 7 - 11, 2001. Tickets are $22.00 CA ($14.00 US) and are now available. (You save the $2 US handling fee by purchasing the tickets directly through us).

At this Holiday Season both stores are packed with wonderful gift-giving merchandise. People are discovering that we DO Christmas in a big way. Right now each store has the air of a magical Christmas fantasyland. We have gorgeous hand-blown glass tree ornaments from Germany and Poland, paperwhite bulbs, giant amaryllis, festive candles, Christmas stockings and beautiful serving dishes for your table. New also are colorful glass vases and bowls, our Rustica line of Italian tableware, Lothantique bath products from France, as well as sundials, concrete animals and lots of gifts for gardeners. We look forward to seeing you!

Drop by and see why BCTV featured The Avant Gardener's Christmas decor on the 6 o'clock news on November 14th!

Happy Holiday wishes!   Darlene

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Contact Us: 1460 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 1B7 • Tel: (604) 926-8784 • Fax: (604) 926-1427 • Email: darlene@avantgardener.com