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The Avant Gardener

The Avant Gardener News Letter
March/April 2000
Containers - Which Ones To Choose?

Dressing up your balcony, patio or garden is half the fun of gardening. Now that Spring and planting time are here, it's time to think about containers.

There is such a range of pots and planters available now. Let's look at some good choices.

Widely available in all sizes are molded terracotta pots from Italy. Either plain or decorated, these pots are very functional and affordable.

The gorgeous pricey Italian or English terracotta pots (and even a few Canadian lines) are worth the price, as they are unparalleled in beauty, being hand made by master potters. They are also frost resistant, as they are not layered, and are fired in kilns at very high temperatures.

Asian Terracotta
Larger more decorative terracotta pots are now coming to us from Asia. Attractive and reasonably priced, they enhance your plantings beautifully.

Stoneware is wonderful for it's earthy charm and its frost resistance.

Mainly from the Orient where stoneware potteries have been a centuries old tradition, stoneware pots are made from very high fired clay, and come in glazes of all hues, so that you can match the pot colour to your planting, or to your decor.

Rock planters are now a choice too. With a core of rock removed for planting, and a drainage hole drilled, these natural rock pots make interesting focal points with flowers spilling out of them.

Of course there are always natural wood planters. From oak half barrels to teak and cedar boxes, the range is infinite. Cedar is well-priced, rot resistant and weathers nicely. Look for decorative milled wood planter boxes for something different.

There is nothing to match the grandeur of a beautiful concrete container. With concrete you can achieve a particular architectural look along with a sense of weight and presence. Concrete pots can be ordered in various finishes. The aged rustic look is very popular.

Cast iron lends itself to dramatic urn shapes. A classic Victorian look, cast iron is grand in black, mahogany or rust finish. Also in metal, wire urns and baskets lined with moss and planted up make a bold statement.

In recent years we have seen an increase in the number and quality of imitation terracotta and concrete pots. Made of various combinations of products such as polyethylene and fibreglass, these pots come in a variety of finishes. Not inexpensive, they are, however, light weight and frost resistant (ideal for decks and balconies) and they look like the real thing : terracotta, concrete, cast iron.

The choice is yours. Have a joyous Spring!

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